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Creating custom front-end User Groups


Front-end portal users in Soapbox can be assigned to one of four User Groups that come standard with Soapbox:

  1. Registered
  2. Author
  3. Editor
  4. Publisher

Each User Group is associated with one of two Access Levels in Soapbox - Registered or Special - which allows you to grant access to various elements in the system from menu items to Events to specific Event tickets to Shop products and more.

The Registered user group is associated with the Registered access level. All other user groups are associated with the Special access level:

  1. Registered access level
    1. Registered user group
  2. Special access level
    1. Author user group
    2. Editor user group
    3. Publisher user group

If you wish, you may create custom User Groups beyond the standard User Groups in Soapbox. These User Groups can be associated with either the Registered access level or the Special access level.

To create a custom User Group, submit a ticket to request that we add one for you, sharing with us the name of the User Group and whether they should have Registered or Special access.

Why would you want to create a custom User Group?

In the Events app, access to tickets can be set by either Access Level (Public, Registered or Special) or by specific User Group(s). If you have a variety of different users and wish to have more granular control over which tickets users have access to in the Events app, custom User Groups could prove useful. This could be particularly helpful for membership organizations that might have a variety of different member types that would have access to different ticket types.

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