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Why do I see a "404 - Component Not Found" error page when loading our Soapbox Engage domain's base URL


When visiting your Soapbox Engage base URL, you'll likely see an error message with the following title.

404 - Component not found

This is expected, since the base URL for your Soapbox Engage account is unlikely to be associated with a Soapbox Engage page (i.e. a Donations app page).  For nearly every Soapbox Engage page, you'll have a "slug" appended to the end of the base URL, which takes you to a specific Soapbox Engage page.

For example, assume your Soapbox Engage base URL is  This page is unlikely to load anything other than the 404 error message above.  To view a page, you'll need to add the URL slug to the end of the page.

For example, a donation page you created might have a URL like, where "donate" is the URL slug.  In this example the base URL is and the URL slug is "/donate".

This situation will happen for both custom domains (i.e. and standard domains (i.e.

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