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New Subscriptions View in the Donations app


This release creates a new Subscriptions view in the Donations app. Previously, viewing subscriptions was done by going to the Transactions view in the administrator and filtering for Initial Recurring transactions with the first transaction of a subscription and the subscription itself being the same in the Soapbox data model.

The release now revises this approach by retaining the Initial Recurring record in the Transactions view and adding a new Subscription view in the administrator. Now you can easily view all Subscriptions simply by going to Subscriptions in the Donations app.

Moving forward, any change that a front-end logged in user makes to their subscription on the My Transactions view - be it the amount, their payment type, the expiration date of their card, the status, or any other change - this change will be noted on the Subscription record rather than on the Initial Recurring Transaction record.

Over the next few months, we will be further enhancing the Subscription view in Soapbox to allow for greater management of subscriptions and enhanced visibility into status. This will be done on a payment gateway by payment gateway basis. Look forward to further updates!

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  1. Creates a new Subscriptions view in the Donations app

  2. View and manage recurring donations

  3. Record subscriptions separately from initial recurring transactions

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