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Updating credit card information for a Subscription in Soapbox


If a donor updates their credit card directly with you for a current subscription, you can make this update directly with your payment processor. After doing so, you may wish to update the credit card information for the Subscription record in Soapbox. This is particularly useful if donors are logging in to the front-end of Soapbox and reviewing their Subscription details on the My Transactions view for your site.

To do so:

  • Go the Subscriptions view in the Donations app
  • Find the Subscription you wish to update
  • Click the hyperlinked name of the donor
  • In the Subscription detail view, click Edit Credit Card
  • Enter updated values for Credit Card Brand, Last Four Digits of Credit Card, Credit Card Expiration Month, and Credit Card Expiration Year
  • Click Save

NOTE: Updating the credit card information for a Subscription in Soapbox does not update the payment processor, alter what card is used to charge the subscription, or alter any values in Salesforce.

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