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Selecting the Zoom App Type for your Events app integration and switching from JWT to Server-to-Server OAuth


Soapbox supports two different Zoom app types as part of its integration:

On the Integration tab of the Events > Configuration view, you can enter credentials for both or either app type and select which type you wish to use with the Zoom App Type picklist. By default, any site that does not have a Zoom App Type selected will use the JWT app type.

JWT app type to be deprecated June 1, 2023

Per Zoom, the JWT app type will be deprecated June 1, 2023. Any Soapbox site still using this app type as of June 1, 2023 will cease to integrate with Zoom.

Selecting an initial Zoom app type for a new integration

If you are newly integrating the Events app with Zoom, follow the steps to connect to a Server-to-Server OAuth app. You may disregard the JWT option.

Updating from JWT to Server-to-Server OAuth Zoom app type

If you currently use the JWT Zoom app type, follow the steps to connect to a Server-to-Server OAuth app. This will allow you to add the new Server-to-Server OAuth credentials into Soapbox with the JWT credentials still in place and active.

As noted in the Server-to-Server OAuth instructions, you will be able to test the credentials in Soapbox to ensure that they successfully authenticate with Zoom prior to switching from JWT to Server-to-Server OAuth.

Should you need to, you can switch between the JWT and Server-to-Server OAuth Zoom app types, as you wish, until June 1, 2023.

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