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Why does my Soapbox Event display an at capacity message when I didn't create tickets?


If you have created a Soapbox Event and did not create Ticket Types nor intend to accept reservations for this event but that event is displaying an at capacity message to visitors, you may need to disable the Allow Reservations parameter.

To confirm and disable:

  • Open the Soapbox Event for which the at capacity message is being displayed
  • Click the Reservations tab
  • View the Allow Reservations parameter at the top of the form. If it is set to Yes, change this to either No or Use Global Configuration, if the Events configuration is set to No.

    If it is set to Use Global Configuration and Soapbox Events > Configuration > Reservation Info tab > Allow Reservations is set to Yes, you will need to either 1) change the Allow Reservations to No as the default for all events in the Configuration; or 2) change the individual event Allow Reservations to No.

  • Save your changes
  • Confirm that this resolves the issue on the front end of the site


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