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Defining text to appear to non-logged in users after Soapbox Donation


If your site has a password-protected area, you can choose to display text to appear only to non-logged visitors directly below the text of a thank you page. A common use case for this feature is to invite payees to take some additional step such as signing up for a login to escalate the level of engagement with your organization.

To enable and customize this invitation text:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form you wish to customize
  • Click the Messages tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the form
  • For Display Invitation, choose Use Global Config, if you wish to use the standards you have set in Soapbox Donations > Configuration, Yes, or No

  • For Invitation Text, enter the message you wish to display on the thank you page below the Page Text. You can include images, embedded video and other elements that will appear on the thank you page just as you can with a content item.
  • Click Save
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