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How Do I Manage My Soapbox Engage Packages in Salesforce?


We are constantly working to make our Soapbox Engage packages better, more effective and easier to use.  This means we are frequently releasing updates to the packages.  In order to keep up-to-date with the newest functionality, you want to manage your packages and keep up with the most recent version of each.

How can I receive emails alerting me to new updates?

If you subscribe to the Soapbox CMS & Soapbox Engage Updates and Alerts message board in our knowledge base, you will receive email notifications of important events pertaining to the Soapbox CMS and Soapbox Engage, including release updates to the installed packages.  You can subscribe to that message board here: Soapbox Release Notes.

How do I know what my current package versions are?

Great question!  You can find out right in Salesforce:

  • Login to Salesforce
  • On the right side of the header, click Setup
  • In the left column under Setup, click Installed Packages
  • Review the list of Installed Packages. All Soapbox for Salesforce unmanaged and managed packages will begin with the word "Soapbox..." and will identify whether it is a managed package, what the the Version Number of the package is, and provide a brief description of what is contained in the package.

If you find that you need instructions to install any of our packages from scratch rather than upgrading existing packages, visit Install your Soapbox Engage for Salesforce packages

How do I know what the latest versions are?

Another excellent question:  Here are the latest versions of each of our package.  Compare your current version of each package to the latest version as indicated below.  Note that you will likely not have all of the packages listed below, and may ignore the packages that you do not have installed.

If you find your current version of a package is not up-to-date, click the [update] link for instructions on how to update it:

Application Package Type Latest
Soapbox Engage Soapbox Engage QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged  1.6  [update]
Soapbox Donations Soapbox Donations for Salesforce Managed 1.25  [update]
  Soapbox Donations QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged  1.9  [update]
Soapbox Events Soapbox Events for Salesforce Managed  2.17  [update]
  Soapbox Events QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged  1.1  [update]
Soapbox Petitions Soapbox Petitions for Salesforce  Managed  1.2  [update]
  Soapbox Petitions QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged 1.0  [update]
Soapbox Forms Soapbox Forms for Salesforce Managed  1.3  [update]
  Soapbox Forms QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged  1.0  [update]
Soapbox Shop  Soapbox Shop for Salesforce Managed  1.2  [update]
  Soapbox Shop QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged  1.1  [update]
Soapbox Actions Soapbox Actions for Salesforce Managed  1.0  [update]
  Soapbox Actions QuickStart for Salesforce Unmanaged  1.0  [update]
Soapbox Mailer Soapbox Mailer Managed  1.16  [update]


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