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Form validation and preventing inadvertent multiple payments with Soapbox Donations


There are a number of features built into Soapbox Donations to make the payment process easier and more intuitive for site visitors. These include form validation processes and altering the behavior - and, depending on your site design, the appearance - of the submit button.

Form validation: clear highlighting of field needing attention

When a visitor clicks submit, the form will confirm that all required information has been entered and is properly formatted. If there are elements that require the attention of the visitor, the form will slowly scroll up to the top of the page, display the message "Please confirm all required information is correct" and highlight all fields needing attention.

Disabling the submit button after initial click

As part of the default behavior of Soapbox Donations, the submit button is disabled after initial click while the form is processing. This prevents the payee from inadvertently clicking it multiple times for multiple payments.

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