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Sending confirmation emails to donors with the Donations app


With the Donations app, you have the ability to send confirmation emails to donors. This can include text or variables related to their payment. You also have the ability to CC or BCC staff on the confirmation emails - or you can choose to send an entirely separate email to admins and staff.

You can also set a default confirmation email for all Soapbox Donation forms that use the default by going to Soapbox Donations > Configuration in the administrator.

To set the confirmation email for a specific Soapbox Donation form:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form for which you wish to customize the confirmation email
  • Click the Messages tab
  • For Send Copy (CC), enter a comma separated list of email addresses who you wish to receive a carbon copy of the email
  • For Send Blind Copy (CC), enter a comma separated list of email addresses who you wish to receive a blind carbon copy of the email
  • For Send Email under the Confirmation Email section, choose Use Global Config, if you wish to use the standards you have set in Soapbox Donations > Configuration, Yes, or No
  • For Email Subject, enter the subject line of this email, if you wish to create a custom email for this Soapbox Donation form. You can include the following variables (merge fields) in curly brackets that reference details of their payment:
    • {name}: The First Name and Last Name of the payee, as provided in the Contact Information section of the form
    • {frequency}: Either "one-time" or "monthly", depending on the type payment
    • {amount}: The amount of the transaction
    • {description}: The transaction description entered in the Transaction Description field in the Billing Information section of the Payment Form tab
  • For Email Template, select Use Global Config to use the option set in the Donations > Configuration or choose Standard or Custom individually for this email
  • For Custom Template Email Text or Standard Template Email Text, depending on which email template you have selected, use the editor to enter the text you wish to appear in the body of the email. You can include images and other elements that will appear if the recipient's email service accepts HTML-formatted emails. The same variables (merge fields) noted above for the Email Subject can be used within the Email Text along with many more. For a full list, see Variables available for Email Text message body in Soapbox Donations.
  • Click Save

NOTE: If you have Salesforce integration enabled, you may wish to set Send Email to No and create a workflow within Salesforce that sends the confirmation email to the payee.

If you have a setup that sends the donor away from Soapbox to complete the transaction, either by using PayPal Standard as an option for a donation form or by using TouchNet as your payment processor, the confirmation email will be sent when the visitor leaves Soapbox rather than after payment has been completed directly off Soapbox. If you wish to only send an confirmation email after the payment has been completed and you have Salesforce integration enabled, we suggest setting Send Email to No and creating a workflow within Salesforce that sends the email when a Lead record for the transaction is created.

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