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Accepting Recurring Donations - Overview & Putting all the pieces together


Enabling Recurring Donations in Soapbox Donations
First, to add recurring donations to a form all you have to do is enable it in the backend of your Engage or Soapbox site. See: Accepting recurring donations with Soapbox Donations for details about how to set this up.

Enabling Recurring Donations on your Payment Processor
Next, to actually process these payments you need to be sure to enable this option in your PayPal,, or Braintree account. Depending on your payment processor and current account setup, this may mean an additional fee.

  • You can see the details of this add-on for PayPal here:
  • You can see the details of this add-on for here:
  • You can see the details of this add-on for Braintree here:
Reporting Recurring Donations in Salesforce

Finally, in a reporting context, when someone selects to donate on a recurring basis, in Salesforce, the donation is recorded as recurring. Then, once a month your payment processor will charge the supporter the amount he/she committed to donating and that amount will go into your payment processor account. To ensure both Soapbox and Salesforce are updated with these subsequent recurring payments, check out Preparing Soapbox and Salesforce to receive subsequent recurring payment notifications for subscriptions created prior to adopting Soapbox.

Updating & Canceling Recurring Donations
If you do not have a password protected area of your site, in order for someone to turn off or adjust their recurring donations they would have to reach out to a member of your organization to request that their recurring donation get adjusted or canceled. Then, someone on your team will need to manually update or delete the recurring donation within your payment processor account.

If you site has a password protected area and the individual making the recurring payment was logged in to the site when doing so, you can create a menu item on your site that gives them access to cancel or update their recurring payment. Please contact us to learn more details.

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