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Enabling newsletter sign ups with the Donations app


If your site has Salesforce integration enabled to connect it to your Salesforce instance, you can choose to allow visitors to sign up to receive your newsletter as part of the payment process. To do so:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form for which you wish to enable newsletter sign ups
  • Click the Basics tab
  • For Newsletter Sign Up in the left column, choose Show. This will cause a checkbox to appear on the form below the Contact Information section which includes any Custom Fields you have enabled. If you wish this checkbox to be checked by default, check Checked by Default.


  • If you wish to customize the default description of "Receive Newsletter" which appears next to the checkbox, click the Customize Headings and Labels button and edit the Newsletter Sign Up Description field

  • Click Save
For instructions on the suggested workflows in Salesforce to effectively onboard newsletter sign ups from Soapbox Donations, view Enabling newsletter sign ups with Soapbox Donations in Salesforce.
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