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Enabling Salesforce integration and selecting a Campaign for a form in Soapbox Donations


You can enable Salesforce integration for specific Soapbox Donation forms and define what Campaign in Salesforce the payments should be automatically associated with - or create a Campaign in Salesforce directly from Saopbox Donations and associate it with that form.

For Campaigns, you can choose one as the administrator so all payments processed by the form will be associated with that Campaign. You can also choose to allow the payee to choose from a set of Campaigns you select in the administrator.

To enable and configure Salesforce integrations:

  • Open the Soapbox Donation form you wish to customize
  • Click the Integrations tab
  • For Salesforce Integration, choose Use Global Config, if you wish to use the standards you have set in Soapbox Donations > Configuration, Yes, or No

  • For Donor Chosen Campaign, choose Yes, if you wish to display a drop down on the form from which the visitor can choose a Campaign from a list you select, or No, if you wish the payments to be associated only with a Campaign you choose as administrator
  • For Donor Chosen Campaign Label, define the text to appear next to the Campaign drop down to be displayed to the visitor
  • For Campaign, click select. In the popup, you can:
    • If you have chosen No for Donor Chosen Campaign, select one Campaign from the list with which to associate this payment and click Save

    • If you have chosen Yes for Donor Chosen Campaign, select multiple Campaigns from the list which you wish to allow the visitor to choose from and click Save. These Campaigns will show up in a drop down list on the form in alphabetical order with the first one appearing as the default.
    • If you wish, you can create a new Campaign in Salesforce, click New, enter the appropriate field data, and click New. This will select this new Campaign. If you wish to select additional Campaigns for a Donor Chosen Campaign, click Select, reselect all of the Campaigns you wish to appear in the drop down, and click Save.

    • Confirm that your choices are accurately reflected in the list appearing to the right of Campaign [ Select ]

    • Click Save
    • Go to the form on the front end
    • Confirm that the Campaign drop down label and options match your selections

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