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Enabling Salesforce integration and selecting a Campaign for a Soapbox Event


You can enable Salesforce integration for specific Soapbox Event and define what Campaign in Salesforce the reservations should be automatically associated with - or create a Campaign in Salesforce directly from Saopbox Events and associate it with that event.

To enable and configure Salesforce integrations:

  • Open the Soapbox Event you wish to customize
  • Click the Integrations tab
  • For Salesforce Integration, choose Yes, No, or Use Global Config. To alter the Global Configuration, go to Soapbox Events > Configuration, click the Integrations tab, and choose Yes or No for Salesforce Integration

  • For Campaign, click select. In the popup, you can:
    • Select one Campaign from the list with which to associate registrations for this Soapbox Event and click Save
    • If you wish, you can create a new Campaign in Salesforce, click New, enter the appropriate field data, and click New. This will select this new Campaign.

    • Confirm that your choices are accurately reflected in the list appearing to the right of Campaign [ Select ]
    • Click Save
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