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Collecting attendee information during registration


In addition to collecting information about the reservation, Soapbox Events allows you to choose whether or not to request or require information about individual attendees for an event.

Attendee information collected during the registration process is saved to Soapbox as well as to Salesforce, if Salesforce integration is enabled for an event. There are a number of standard fields noted below which can be enabled or required for attendees. You may also add custom Salesforce fields to the attendee form, if these are added to BOTH the Ticket Temp and Tickets object in Salesforce.

NOTE: You must have Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package Version 2.1 or greater to have attendee information saved to Salesforce and to successfully add Custom Salesforce Fields to an attendee form. If you need to upgrade from an earlier version, you may do so by accessing this link after logging in to your Salesforce instance.

In addition, Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed packages requires EITHER the Enterprise Edition of Salesforce OR the following versions of the Nonprofit Success Pack managed packages or higher: Contacts and Organizations, v. 2.1.2, Households v.2.4.4, Relationships v. 1.52, Affiliations v 1.55. Click here to access the latest packages.

To set whether or not attendee information is requested or required and which standard fields are requested or required during the registration process:

  1. Open the Soapbox Event for which you wish to customize the attendee info form
  2. Click the Attendee Info tab
  3. For Enable Attendee Fields, choose Use Global Config, Yes, or No
  4. For each of the following standard fields, choose to Show or Hide them and, if displayed, whether or not you wish to require them:
    1. First Name / Default: Show
    2. Last Name / Default: Show
    3. Email Address / Default: Show
    4. Organization
    5. Title
    6. Home Phone
    7. Work Phone
    8. Mobile Phone
    9. Mailing Street
    10. Mailing City
    11. Mailing State
    12. Mailing Postal Code
    13. Mailing Country
  5. Click Save
NOTE: The default for any new Soapbox Event is for First Name, Last Name, and Email Address fields to be shown but not required

To alter the Global Configuration for all Soapbox Events for attendee information:

  1. Go to the Events Manager
  2. Go to > Configuration
  3. Click on the Attendee Info tab
  4. For Enable Attendee Fields, choose Yes or No
  5. Click Save
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