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Creating promo codes for your event


With the Events app, you have the ability to offer promotional codes that provide discounts on paid tickets to visitors. You can define which tickets these discounts may be applied to, how many times they can be used, and the calendar period in which they are valid.

You may add multiple promo codes for a single event and these can be applied to the same ticket types, if you wish to offer different discounts per visitor through different codes. Only one code may be applied per reservation and that code will be applied to all tickets in the order that match the ticket type(s) you select for the promo code.

To create a promotional code:

  1. Open the event for which you wish to create the Promo Code
  2. Click the Edit tab
  3. Click Add Promo Code at the bottom right of the Promo Codes table. NOTE: The Add Promo Code button will not appear until the Soapbox Event has been saved initially. If it hasn't appeared, click Apply for the Soapbox Event. This will save the event and allow you to add promo codes.
  4. For Name, enter the name you wish to give to this promo code. This will be for internal purposes only and not displayed to visitors.
  5. For Code, enter the character string to be used by visitors. Promo codes are case-insensitive and should contain only numbers and letters with no spaces.
  6. For Tickets, select one or multiple paid ticket types to which you want to allow the ticket to be applied
  7. For Description, enter an internal description for your purposes. This will be for internal purposes only and not displayed to visitors.
  8. For Published, select Yes, if you wish the promo code to be available
  9. For Discount, enter the numeric value per ticket the promo code provides and select either "$" or "%" from the picklist to the right to identify that numeric value as a percentage or dollar value
  10. For QTY Available, enter the maximum number of tickets to which you wish to allow this promo code applied
  11. For Begin Date, enter the date at which this promo code will become valid
  12. For End Date, enter the date at which this promo code ceases to be valid
  13. Click Save
  14. If you wish to add another promotional code, repeat this process
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