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Why aren't ticket options appearing on my event page?


When your event is displayed on your Soapbox Engage Events app, there might be times in which tickets for your events, or the "Attend" button aren't appearing.  Here are some troubleshooting tips for determining why your tickets aren't appearing.

1) Event has reached capacity

If the event capacity has been reached (sold out), the tickets will not appear on the event page.  In case you want to continue having tickets available, increase the event's capacity by following this support article.

2) All ticket levels have reached capacity

If all the ticket levels have reached their capacity (sold out), the tickets will not appear on the event page

3) The ticket start or end date are set incorrectly.
Check the ticket's start date to make sure it is prior to today, and the end date is after today.

4) This event has been set to not accept reservations. 
Check in the Reservation Info tab, and set "Allow Reservations" to "Yes.

5) Force Capacity is set to Yes incorrectly.
If Force Capacity is set to Yes in the Ticket Information section of the add/edit Event view, no Attend button will appear because the event will be treated as at capacity. If you do not wish this to be the case, edit the Force Capacity parameter to be No.

For more information about the Force Capacity feature, review this article.

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