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Using Directories and Forms to create a basic Events check-in process


If you would like to create a basic process with Soapbox that allows staff to check in event attendees at an event so that Tickets records in Salesforce are updated to reflect attendance, you can do so by leveraging our Directories and Forms apps. This basic process assumes that:

  • All Leads associated with the Salesforce Campaign for the event have been converted and;
  • Attendee Information has been required in Soapbox Events so all attendees have Ticket records and those Ticket records have the necessary information for the attendees.

To create a basic check in process:

  1. Create a Forms page referencing the Tickets object that includes the Boolean field "Attended". This Form will be used to edit existing Tickets records.
  2. Customize the submit form button to be "Update Attendance"
  3. Create a Directories page that displays records from the Tickets object in Salesforce
  4. For the new Directories page, add a Salesforce Element as a default search value to the Search form tab that references the Campaign field. Set the Default Value as the Campaign Id for the Campaign associated with the event and choose Yes for the Hidden parameter. This will ensure that only Tickets associated with this Campaign will be shown in the results.
  5. For the new Directories page, add any additional fields you wish to provide to staff to search for matching Tickets when checking attendees such as First Name, Last Name, and Email. Keep these Salesforce Elements visible.
  6. For the new Directories page, allow the records to be edited by Public users using the Forms page you created above and display the edit button on the List Display view
  7. Customize the URL of the Directories page as you would like to share it with staff and set the default search behavior to determine if matching records are displayed on initial load or only after search by front end users
  8. Open the Forms page you created above and set the After Editing redirect to match the URL for the Directories page
  9. Using the URL you customized for the Forms page, staff may access search for Tickets based on the criteria you've added to the Search Form tab, click the edit button for a given record, tick off the Attended check box, and click Save to update a given attendee's ticket record

It is important to note that this basic process does not restrict viewing or editing of Ticket records for anyone with the URL to the Directories page. As such, it is important that the URL for this Directories page not be shared publicly. If your Engage site has the Salesforce Portals add on, you could restrict edit access to accounts you have provided staff such that they must login to the front end of the Soapbox Engage site to view and edit the attendee information.

In addition, the Directories page would need to be updated with the Campaign Id for the Campaign field on the Search Form tab, should you wish to use the check in process for a different event. This suggested setup for this basic process is for the purpose of ease of use by staff and for limiting the data exposed.

This basic process is one method for allowing for event attendee check ins. Should you be interested in adding Salesforce Portals to augment the security of this process or wish to work with Soapbox Engage staff to create a more advanced, customized process for your organization, submit a ticket with details and we'll be happy to provide a quote!

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