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Displaying a shortened description of an event in the upcoming events view


If you have a long event description, displaying the entire description in the upcoming events view can make for a very long upcoming events page.  You can show a shortened version of an event's description on the upcoming events view, by placing a "read more" tag in the content.  This will split the description into two section.  Anything after the read more tag will not be displayed in the upcoming events view.

Here's how to add the read more tag to your event description to accomplish this.

1) Login to your Soapbox Engage administrator

2) Go to the event in question

3) Click on the Edit tab

4) Under the Edit tab, in the Description section, place your cursor where you'd like to place the read more tag

5) Click the "Readmore" button at the bottom of the window, which after clicked, will enter the read more tag where your cursor was placed.  Alternatively, you can click the "[show/hide]" link above the top-left of the WYSIWYG toolbar to enter into source code mode, and then paste in the following tag where you'd like the readmore to be placed.

<hr id="system-readmore" />

6) Click the Save button

That's it!  Enjoy your shortened description of your event on the upcoming events view!

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