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1. Install your Soapbox Engage for Salesforce Packages


The first step in your adventure towards getting up and running on Soapbox Engage will be to install all of the appropriate packages into your Salesforce instance based on which apps you purchased from PICnet. All of the available packages and installation instructions are below. 

Please note that if you are working with a Salesforce consultant you may be able to skip this step! Be sure to reach out to your consultant before installing these packages. 

How to Install the Packages

To install the packages, please follow the step by step instructions provided in the installation guides below. Please note that you must follow these instructions verbatim. You cannot simply skip to the package links below and install the packages now without going through the additional steps laid out in the installation instructions.

  1. Soapbox Engage Quickstart connector (EVERYONE MUST INSTALL)
  2. Soapbox Engage Donations app connector
  3. Soapbox Engage Events app connector
  4. Soapbox Engage Forms app connector
  5. Soapbox Engage Petitions app connector
  6. Soapbox Engage Shop app connector
  7. Soapbox Engage Actions app connector

About the Packages

There are managed packages that need to be installed. These packages contain all of the code that ensures our tools will properly convert leads to contacts in your Salesforce account. There are also unmanaged packages. These contain the fields that are needed for these tools to work properly.

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Have you finished installing your packages?

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Please note that our Soapbox Engage service comes with free web-based support. The purpose of this free support is essentially to teach you how to use the tool, or as the saying goes,'teach you how to fish'. Need us to do the fishing for you? Looking for guidance on best practices for your own configuration needs. Want someone else to do some of the implementation process? No problem at all, we're pleased to provide a discounted hourly rate of $160 for any of these professional services as well. Just open up a ticket to let us know what you need and a member of our support team will get you moving in the right direction.

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