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Why am I seeing "REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED" error messages?


Soapbox communicates with Salesforce via the Salesforce API. Salesforce puts a cap on the number of API calls per 24-hour period.

If you are seeing a REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error message displaying in the administrator or front end of your Soapbox site, this cap has likely been reached for your Salesforce instance either due to traffic to pages on your site that require communication with Salesforce, another 3rd party application or service that is utilizing Salesforce's API, or a combination of both.

To  investigate and resolve this:

  • Confirm that the cap has been reached by viewing API usage in your Salesforce instance
  • Confirm that no other applications or services are accounting for an abnormally high number of Salesforce API calls
  • Submit a Support ticket to us to confirm or request that website caching has been enabled for your site. Site caching can help to reduce the number of API calls needed.
  • Contact Salesforce to request pricing and options for increasing your API limit
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