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Why is a transaction shown in my payment processor not appearing in Salesforce?


If you accept payments through Soapbox Donations, Soapbox Events or Soapbox Shop and have integrations with Salesforce enabled, data is flowing from Soapbox to your payment processor to charge the credit card and then sent to Salesforce after successful processing.

Your payment processor should always be treated as the data source of record for any payment. In the unlikely event that there is a mismatch between transaction data in your payment processor and Salesforce, you should rely on the data recorded in your payment processor.

When reconciling transactions between the two systems, keep this in mind: Soapbox Donations, Soapbox Events and Soapbox Shop ask for first and last name in the Contact Information section and in the payment form section where the actual credit card information is accepted. This allows for one person to pay on behalf of another, though that situation is rather rare.

The first and last name in the Contact Information section is sent to Salesforce. The first and last name in the payment form section is sent to your payment processor. The email address in the Contact Information section is sent to both. If you are attempting to reconcile transactions between the two and you find one in your payment processor that doesn't appear to be in Salesforce, search for the email address of the payee in Salesforce to see if the transaction in question was made on behalf of someone else.

You can also use the date and amount of the payment in the payment processor to search the Lead and Opportunity objects for potential matches.

For a full description of the data mapping from Soapbox to the payment processor and Salesforce, review Data mapping from Soapbox Donations to payment processor and Salesforce for Donations and Data mapping from Soapbox Events to payment processor and Salesforce for Events.

You can also review View, search, and export transaction data in Soapbox Donations for tips on using the Transactions view in Soapbox to search for payments made through a Soapbox Donations form.

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