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Why is my Campaign not appearing in the Campaign [Select] popup?



After a creating a new Campaign record in Salesforce, an administrator may not see the Campaign listed as an option when trying to connect a Soapbox Engage page (i.e. Donations, Events, etc) to a Campaign in Salesforce registers for an event using the Events app, if the event is integrated with Salesforce, an admin may receive a system message from Soapbox Engage with the following information.  Here’s some potential causes and solutions for solving this problem.


Possible causes and solutions

1. Salesforce Campaign record is not marked as active in Salesforce

It is possible that Salesforce Campaign record does not have its Active checkbox checked.  Confirm that this field is checked.


  1. Login to the Salesforce org.
  2. Navigate to the Campaign record in question.
  3. Confirm that the Active field is checked.
  4. If the field is checked, move to the next potential cause.


  1. Check the Active field on the Campaign record.

2. Soapbox Engage cache needs to be cleared

Updates made to Salesforce records may not immediately appear in Soapbox Engage if the Soapbox Engage account is caching data from Salesforce.  Confirm that the Soapbox Engage cache has been cleared.


  1. Login to the Soapbox Engage administrator.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right and select Clear Cache
  3. In the following popup, click the Ok button
  4. Re-attempt to associate the Salesforce Campaign record to the Soapbox Engage page

Additional help

If this article didn't help solve the problem, please create a new support ticket, and include the following details:

  1. Overview of the problem
  2. URL of the Soapbox Engage page in question
  3. Date when problem was first discovered
  4. Troubleshooting steps taken
  5. Screenshot or video showing the problem
  6. Salesforce Campaign record ID
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