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Resolving "INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out." error message


If you are seeing the following error message in the administrator of your Soapbox Engage site, the Salesforce credentials entered in Soapbox are no longer valid or the Salesforce user account has been blocked in Salesforce:

INVALID SALESFORCE LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token, or user locked out. Salesforce integration is currently off-line for your Soapbox site. To resolve, please update your Salesforce credentials in Soapbox or remove the lock from the appropriate Salesforce user in Salesforce.

This error is generated by Salesforce and displayed in Soapbox. None of the services requiring a connection between Soapbox and Salesforce are currently functioning.

Note that the error message may alternately state:

The users password has expired, you must reset the password before attempting to use these features

To resolve this, you will need to enter the proper credentials for the Salesforce account Soapbox is using. Once that is done, the error message will go away and full service will be restored.

One special note: if you update your password for your Salesforce account, Salesforce emails a new security token to the email address it has for that account. You will need to make sure you update the security token as well as the password in Soapbox for your Salesforce account.

For more information about adding or updating your Salesforce credentials to your Soapbox Engage site, check out Add your Salesforce Account Credentials to Your Site.

In addition, check out Best Practices for Salesforce User Accounts, Security Tokens and Password Settings for more information about ways to ensure that your password policies in Salesforce don't routinely cause the connection between Soapbox and Salesforce to be broken.

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