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Why is my Amazon SNS topic status stuck on "PendingConfirmation"?


After installing Soapbox Mailer, and after following the "Things to be done manually _after_ installing the package" instructions in the Getting Started with Soapbox Mailer guide, you might still have issues where Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) does not seem to be updating your topic status from "PendingConfirmation".  If you're still refreshing the page after a few minutes and the stats isn't updating, there's likely something odd going on.

Here's a few troubleshooting tips when this occurs.

Confirm that your Soapbox Mailer package has not expired

1) Go to Setup > Installed Packages:  and look for the status of the Soapbox Mailer package.  If it's "Expired", then Soapbox Mailer will not work at all (including the Amazon SNS topics creation).  Please contact us if that's the situation.

Confirm that your Email Service in Salesforce is properly configured to accept mail from any address

1) Go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Email Services > sbx_EmailAWSResponseHandler > Edit:  confirm that the "Accept Email From" field is blank.  If not, remove anything that is in there, and click Save.  Also, confirm that the "Active" field is checked.

2) Go back to Amazon SNS, delete the ses-bounces-topic and ses-complaints-topic topics you created by clicking the topic name under Navigation on the left side of the Amazon SNS dashboard.

3) Then under Topic Details click the All Topic Actions button and click the Delete topic button.

4) Finally, recreate each of the topics following the instructions in the Getting Started with Soapbox Mailer guide.

Confirm that you're using the US East region for your Amazon SNS server

1) Go to > Login > Services > SNS:  under My Resources on the right side of the SNS dashboard screen, confirm that it says, "You are using the following Amazon SNS resources in the US East (Northern Virginia) region".  If you confirm it says this message, this is not the issue, and you can stop here.

2) If it says anything else, you'll need to create new topics in the US East (Northern Virginia) region, following the Getting Started with Soapbox Mailer instructions, after choosing "US East (Northern Virginia) from the menu in the upper-right corner of the Amazon SNS Console screen.

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