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Why do I see a "under construction" page when I press the Preview button on a campaign?


If your Campaign's Preview button hasn't been setup up just right, you might sometimes see a webpage that says something like:  " under construction" with the logo on it.  Here's a few things you can try to make sure the proper preview of your email appears instead.

1)  Go to Setup > Build > Customize > Campaigns > Buttons and Links > Custom Buttons and Links > Preview > Edit > the big text area at the bottom of the page should have:  <<Your New Site URL>>/apex/sbm__sbx_emailviewbodyhtml?id={!Campaign.Id}

NOTE: Replace “<<Your New Site URL>> with your Site URL, INCLUDING the "/track" at the end of it.

So, if your Site URL is "", your URL in this big text area would be:{!Campaign.Id}

Very often, people just forget to include the "/track" before the "/apex..."

2) Ensure that your Campaign's related Email Template does not have a blank EmailBodyHTML field.

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