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How can I avoid emailing Contacts for whom Email Opt-out is ticked on their record?


Soapbox Mailer attempts to send emails to all Campaign Members added to a given Campaign, irrespective of whether or not a given Contact has their Email Opt Out box ticked on their record.

To ensure that you do not send emails to those who have opted out, you will wish to account for Contacts for whom Email Opt Out has been ticked so that they are filtered from the listed used to populate the Campaign Members.

To do so, you can add this as part of the filter for the List View or Report that you may be using to populate the Campaign Members of your Soapbox Mailer Campaign.

Conversely, you may remove Contacts previously added as targets prior to sending the Soapbox Mailer email to ensure that those those have opted out are not included. To do so:

  1. Go the Campaign record in question
  2. Click Manage Members
  3. Choose Edit Members - Search
  4. For Field on the next screen, choose Email Opt-out
  5. Confirm that the Operator defaults to Equals
  6. Enter TRUE for the Value
  7. Click Go
  8. Use the checkbox next to the Action column title in the results set to select all results. You may need to adjust the pagination of the result set if you have a large number of returned records.
  9. Click Remove to remove the select Contacts from the Campaign
  10. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until all results whose Email Opt-out value is TRUE have been removed
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