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How do I add Campaign Members in bulk?


To add current Contacts or Leads as Campaign Members to a Soapbox Mailer Campaign, you can use the Manage Members > Add Members - Search to manually search. This can be tedious, though, if you are sending your email to more than a handful of targets.

You can add Contacts or Leads as Campaign Members in bulk by using one of two options Salesforce provides: a Report or a List view. The Report option will be the most efficient and preferred method of the two. The List option will offer the option of further filtering as you add Campaign Members, should you choose.

Adding Campaign Members using a Report

To add Contacts or Leads from a Report:

  1. Open the Report you wish to use
  2. Toward the top of the Report view, you will see a row of buttons starting with Run Report. Click the Add to Campaign button on the far right of this row.
  3. In the Add Members view, select the Campaign you wish to add these Contacts or Leads to
  4. After you select the Campaign, the Member Status should populate with available options. Choose "Targeted".
  5. For Existing Members, choose what is appropriate for your situation. If you are initially adding Campaign Members, you can retain the default of "Do not override the member status". If you are adding to a Campaign that has current members who may have duplicates in the Report, you may wish to select "Override the member status" instead.
  6. Click Add to Campaign
  7. If you have multiple Reports, repeat for each successive report.
NOTE: You may wish to create a Report or Reports dedicated specifically to a given mailing list which include a filter to exclude any and all Contacts or Leads who have opted out of email communications. For more, view How can I avoid emailing Contacts for whom Email Opt-out is ticked on their record?.

Adding Campaign Members using a List

To add Contacts or Leads from a List that you have created for a given tab:

  1. Go to the Campaign to which you wish to add members
  2. Click Manage Members > Add Members - Search
  3. In the subsequent Manage Members view, for Step 1: Choose Member Type to Search, choose either Leads or Contacts
  4. Under Step 2: Specify Filter Criteria, to the right for Use Existing View, choose the view you wish to use to populate the Campaign Members
  5. Use the checkbox at the top of the far left column to select all records on a given page of the returned records. NOTE: You may wish to change the number of records to display per page to the maximum of 200 if you have more than a few returned records.
  6. Paginate through this list, selecting all members of each page
  7. When finished, choose Add with Status > Targeted
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