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Why can't I see the “Objects and Tabs” link when setting the Soapbox Mailer Email Tracking Profile?


When you're going through the installation process for Soapbox Mailer, one of the key objectives is to update the guest user profile for the "Soapbox Mailer Email Tracking Profile".  For some users, when you get to this section of the installation process, you might not be able to find the link titled "Objects and Tabs".  Typically, this is because you're using the older version of the profile management interface for Salesforce.

To help you get through the remainder of the Soapbox Mailer installation instructions easier, we recommend temporarily setting your Salesforce user's interface to use the modern view of the profile management interface.

You can temporarily turn on the new version of the profile interface by going to Setup > App Setup > Customize > User Interface > Setup: and check the box next to "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface". Then you should be able to follow the rest of the instructions exactly as listed in our Getting Started With Soapbox Mailer guide.

After you're done installing Soapbox Mailer, you can always go back to the section above and uncheck the box to return the interface to its previous state.

Happy emailing!

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