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Where is the "Apps" or "Object Settings" on the Soapbox Mailer Email Tracking Profile page?


When configuring Soapbox Mailer, starting with section 3j, you'll need to update object and field settings for the Soapbox Mailer Email Tracking profile.  Some users might not be able to find the "Apps" or "Object Settings" sections due to a difference in user interface provided by Salesforce for you Setup section.  If you find yourself in this position, here's what you can do to appropriately view this information.

1) Go to Setup > Customize > User Interface

2) On the User Interface page, under Setup, check the box for "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface"

3) Click the Save button

4) Return to the location in the Getting Started with Soapbox Mailer guide where you were stuck, and see if the interface matches that of the instructions

5) After you complete the Soapbox Mailer setup, you can uncheck the "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" if you'd like

Happy emailing!

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