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Why are clicked links not being recorded from my recipients?


When your recipients click links in your Soapbox Mailer email campaign, their clicks are tracked within Soapbox Mailer.  Sometimes, you might find that these links aren't being tracked in Soapbox Mailer.  Here's some reasons why this might happen.

1) The links aren't trackable links created with the Email Links function in Soapbox Mailer

In order for links to be trackable, you'll need to create a trackable URL (link) in the Email Links section of Soapbox Mailer.  You can find this section in either your Campaign record or in the Edit Body view for either the text or HTML version of your email.  Just click the New button to create a new link, and after you've created the link, just copy the Trackable URL and paste it into the body of the email.  These Trackable URLs will be tracked within Soapbox Mailer when your recipients click on them.

Happy emailing!

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