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Why does it seem that my HTML body content is being duplicated in one email?


When creating an email to send using Soapbox Mailer, there's two key parts that come together to make the body content of the email:

1) Email Template

2) HTML Body

When you create a Soapbox Mailer campaign, you choose an Email Template, and then you press the Edit HTML Body button on the Campaign page layout to define what content goes in the middle of the Email Template you've chosen (defined by wherever you've placed the {!Campaign.EmailBodyHTML} merge field in your Email Template).

If you're seeing duplicate content, it's likely because you've copied the entirety or much of the Email Template HTML directly into the Edit HTML Body view itself.

To correct this, in the Edith HTML Body view, simply add only the content you want to appear in the middle of your Email Template, not the entire Email Template.

Happy emailing!

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