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Why is my report missing the "Add to Campaign" button?


There are some cases where the Add to Campaign button does not appear on Salesforce reports. If this happens to you, please check the following:

  1. Confirm your report type.
    The "Add to Campaign" button only shows up on reports on Leads, Organizations & Contacts or other objects with Contact Roles. This is because the report has to have people with email addresses in its results otherwise it will not know who should be added to your campaign. If your report is a custom report type or on an object that does not return leads, contacts or contact roles, try choosing a different type. 
  2. Check your report size.
    If your report contains more than 50,000 records, the Add to Campaign button will be disabled because your list is too large to add to a campaign at one time. The simple solution here is to split your report so the results are under 50,000 and then you can add from the separate, smaller reports. 

Happy emailing!

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