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Confirming trackable links are working properly


In creating the HTML version of your email, you'll likely create a number of Email Links, which are URLs that you've included in your email to be clicked and tracked by your recipients.  After creating your Email Links within you Soapbox Mailer Campaign, it's a good idea to test them to make sure they're working properly (i.e. making sure they're pointing to the right page you want them to be pointed).

Our recommendation for doing this easily and quickly is pretty straight-forward.  Within your Soapbox Mailer Campaign record, simply click on each of your Trackable Links, and confirm that they redirect you to the proper page you wish them to send you.

Additionally, you can send the email campaign just to yourself (by making yourself the only Campaign Member with a status of "Targeted") to then confirm that the Email Links are working the way you wish them to work within the email itself.

Happy emailing!

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