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Previewing your Soapbox Mailer email or Email Template


When creating a Soapbox Mailer email or Email Template, you'll likely want to see how it looks before you send it out to your recipients.  There's a few easy ways to do this during the creation process.

Preview your email before sending it

Within your Soapbox Mailer Campaign record, simply click the Preview button at the top of the page.   This will display a pop-up window that will show your email with the combined Email Template and the contents of the Edit HTML Body.  This will be what your recipients receive when you send them an email.

Preview your email via a test email send

If you want to see how your email looks within an email client or service (like Outlook, Gmail, etc), you'll want to send the email just to yourself or other testing recipients.  To do this, either add only your testing email addresses as Campaign Members for the Campaign and set their statuses as "Targeted", or if you've already added all of your intended recipients for your campaign, change all their Campaign Member statuses to "Responded", and then your testing addresses' Campaign Member statuses to "Targeted".  Then, click the Send button in the Campaign to have the email sent to your test recipients.  This will send the email to only your test email addresses for review before sending out to your full list of recipients.

What about previewing just the Email Template itself?

At this time, we don't have a preview available for just the Email Template, unattached to any specific Campaign you might be creating; however, since Email Templates are just HTML, you could copy the contents of the Email Template, save it as a text document on your computer, and then open the text document in a Web browser.  We know this isn't ideal, and we're working on ways to make previewing just Email Templates without any body content easier.

You can also create an email campaign with no Campaign Members for the express purpose of previewing a draft email template which you assign to it.

Happy emailing!

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