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Adding individuals to email lists


In our "Creating and managing email lists" article, we provide our recommendation for creating email lists using single-select picklists on the Leads and Contacts objects.  In this article, we'll guide you through best practices in adding individuals to your email lists you've already created.

Soapbox Mailer currently assumes that you already have a web form (including the existing Web-to-Lead form created by Salesforce) to collect an individuals request to be added to an email list, or that you're looking to do this manually yourself through either clicks within Salesforce or a data upload to Salesforce.  In the future, we plan to build a process to make such a form easy yourself.

For now, you can take one of the following approaches to adding individuals to an email list.

Manually adding via clicks within Salesforce

In this process, you'd simply go to the Contact or Lead record in question and manually select the appropriate subscription status in the email newsletter field you've already created.  This is perfect for one-off changes.

Manually adding via a data upload to Salesforce

Using software like Demand Tools, LexiLoader, and other data upload tools to Salesforce, you can upload and upsert data (insert and/or update on matching records).  This process can allow you to mass update a set of Leads or Contacts to be appropriately subscribed to an email newsletter.

Automated via a Web form

Using our Soapbox Engage form building tool, or a form you've created yourself, you can expose the appropriate fields from your Leads and Contacts objects to allow your website visitors to subscribe themselves to your newsletters.

Need help creating an automated way for your website visitors to subscribe to your Soapbox Mailer email lists? Open a support ticket and we'd be happy to provide you a quote to provide a customized form for your needs.

Happy emailing!

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