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What's the best way to plan for creating a recurring newsletter email?


If you're planning on creating your first recurring newsletter email, we recommend the following easy steps to email bliss.

1) Create an Email Sender that you'll use for your email campaigns.

2) Create an Email Template that includes all the HTML you'll need outside the main body content of your emails.  You'll be using this Email Template all the time, so the more generic you can make this the better.  Designing your Email Template accordingly is a good idea.

3) Create a field on your Lead and Contacts object following our best practices article "Creating and managing email lists" to ensure you can track who should be receiving your emails.

4) Create a Report on Contacts (assuming you're not using Leads for your newsletters recipients) based on the field you created for your newsletter list subscription.

That's it!  Now, just create your Soapbox Mailer email Campaign records, and away you go.

Happy emailing!

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