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Soapbox Mailer Amplification explained


Soapbox Mailer provides some interesting numbers on social media sharing that enables you to see how many times your emails are being shared on Facebook and Twitter, how many email opens you are receiving as a result of those social media shares, and who your most influential email recipients (Campaign Members in Salesforce) are in terms of generating the most email opens from their posts on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Below are the two ways to view this data in Soapbox Mailer:

Micro view - Facebook/Twitter Opens on Campaign Member record

If you open up a record for one of your Campaign Members to whom you sent the email, you can view the numbers for Facebook Opens and Twitter Opens for that individual. For example in the screenshot below, this Campaign Member shared a link to the email on Twitter and as a result, the link to the email was opened 11 times via that Twitter post.


Macro view - Amplification on the Campaign record

When you are viewing the Campaign record for your email, beneath the "Email Campaign Performance" statistics, there is a section called "Amplification." Facebook or Twitter Amp shows the number of Facebook or Twitter openings for every one targeted opener. This section also shows the total number of Facebook and Twitter Opens for ALL Campaign Members. In more mathematical terminology using the example in the screenshot below, the "Facebook Amp" is the total number of Facebook Opens by all Campaign Members (6) divided by the total number of Campaign Members who were targeted and opened the email (2), which results in a "Facebook Amp" score of 3.00.


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