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Difference between Salesforce templates and Soapbox Mailer templates


If you've used Salesforce for email sending before, you've probably used the email templates functionality that is included within Salesforce.  This includes the ability to send messages using:

  • Plain text
  • HTML (using letterhead)
  • Custom (without using letterhead)

Soapbox Mailer does not use any email templates you might have already created in Salesforce.  Instead, to provide you more flexibility, Soapbox Mailer includes its own Email Templates tab within the Soapbox Engage app.  This allows you to create an unlimited number of HTML designed email templates, that can include a merge field to edit the content of the email within a WYSIWYG editor (viewed when you click the Edit HTML Body button on a Soapbox Mailer Campaign record).

Happy emailing!

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