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How do I send an HTML email that looks like a plain text email?


Soapbox Mailer is mostly used by organizations looking to send formatted mass email.  You know, those email newsletters you receive in your inbox.  However, a number of our organizations are looking to send more ad-hoc style messages to a group of folks with a more plain text feel to it.  Luckily, Soapbox Mailer can do both.

First, a little lesson in email creation.  When you send an email from most standard email clients these days, the one email you send has two parts to it: HTML version, and a plain text version.  Then, the person receiving the email gets to choose which version to read, typically by default the HTML version.

So, if you want to send an email that at least looks like plain text, what you'll want to do is actually create the email in the HTML Body window in Soapbox Mailer, but make the template as simplified as possible.  Below is some code you could use for a very simple template, that will make your email look like it's just plain text.

<html lang="en" xml:lang="en" xmlns="">
<body style="font-family:arial;">

Happy emailing!

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