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User registration enhancements and peer-to-peer fundraising with Soapbox Donations


With last night's update to Soapbox, we've added two nice little features that enhance the front end user registration process while laying the groundwork for the future of online fundraising with Soapbox Donations.

For front end user registration, you can now alter the column layout for the registration form. You can also display a login link at the bottom of the registration form for those who already have an account. For more details on using these new features, check out Creating a menu item to accept registrations for new web user accounts. If you're interested in adding a logged in user portal to your site, hit us up! We'd be happy to discuss options as well as detail how this add on can integrate with Salesforce.

For Soapbox Donations, you may not see it yet in the your Soapbox administrator but the future is coming! With this release, we've added major new functionality behind the scenes that will allow your organization to run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with Soapbox, harnessing the power of your supporters to radically expand your fundraising efforts! The full release of this exciting new add on to Soapbox Donations is coming early 2017. Email us at to learn more!

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