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Locating the Salesforce Record Id for a Pricebook Entry of a Product


When enabling the donation option for a Store in the Shop app, you will need to enter the Record Id for the donation Product's Pricebook Entry you created in Salesforce. In order to find this:

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Go to the Products tab
  3. Under the Price Books section, select the appropriate Price Book from the drop down
  4. Find the Product you created for the donation option in the Product list
  5. Select View from the drop down to the right of the product
    NOTE: If you are using Salesforce Classic, you can click the View button to the right of the product name.
  6. In the URL for the Price Book Entry, copy the final portion of the string that begins with "01u..." This is the Price Book Entry Record Id that you will enter when enabling the donation option for a Store.
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