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Create URLs that jump to a specific Product and Category tab on a Store when the page loads


If you have a Store with a large number of Products, you may wish to provide a link to your community that scrolls down to a specific product on page load. To do so, include the Product Id for the Product in question in the URL as follows. The Product Id can be found in the Id column of Shop > Products Manager:{id}

An example would be:

Designating a specific Category tab

If you have multiple Category tabs on a store, the above method will display the first Category tab on which the Product is included, scrolling down to the specific Product on the tab. If you wish to display a Category tab other than the first upon which the Product appears, you may also wish to designate a specific Category using the Category Id.  The Category Id can be found in Id column of Shop > Categories:

The format for these parameters is:{id}_product-{id}

An example would be:

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