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Alter the activation message displayed to new web portal users


With Soapbox, you can offer a personalized portal experience for logged in web users that connects their web user account to a Contact in Salesforce. Perfect for membership organizations, grantmakers, or any nonprofit seeking to provide personalized content to their most valued supporters, portals offer a powerful way to share Salesforce data specific to that logged in user, grant edit access to keep certain data current, and even create highly customized, powerful business processes for grantmaking, member management and more through clicks not code using Soapbox.

With the latest release of Soapbox, you can customize that first message new users see when initially activating their account. Include images, links or specialized instructions to get them off on the right foot with their personalized experience. For more details, see our new support article.

If you're interested in the impressive combination of power, flexibility, and affordability that is the Soapbox user integration portal service, hit us up!

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