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Displaying payment amount options as radio buttons or touch buttons


With the Donations app, you have the ability to display the payment options of the form in one of two different styles: radio buttons or touch buttons. The default for any newly created Donation form is radio buttons.

Radio Buttons Example:


Touch Buttons Example:


If you wish to enable touch buttons for the first time on your site, we recommend creating a test Donation form and applying the change there so you can review the results on the front end to ensure proper formatting. Once that has been confirmed, you can enable touch buttons for your active Donation forms.

To select a style for a Donations form:

Considerations when enabling touch buttons

If your Donation form has explanatory text defined for its predefined donation amounts, it is recommended that you keep the default amount style of radio buttons to allow for this text to be displayed effectively.

Depending on the number of payment amount options available on your form and the width of the Donation form itself, the Other touch button and its corresponding custom amount field may fall on different lines. You may adjust the payment amount options to acount for this, if you wish, so they remain on the same line.

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