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Why are the address fields for some donors blank in Salesforce?


For some transactions made with the Donations app, you may not receive address information for the donor for the initial recurring or one-time donation in Salesforce. In these instances, the donation was likely made off-site with PayPal directly.

When someone chooses PayPal Standard as the payment option for a Donation and completes their transaction off-site directly with PayPal to your account, in some cases, Soapbox gets more limited information back from PayPal than it does with initial recurring or one-time transactions made directly with credit card payments made on your Soapbox on-site. Specifically, whether or not someone signs into their own PayPal account when completing payment with PayPal determines if Soapbox receives their address or not.

If you wish to ensure receipt of address information for all initial recurring and one-time donations, you may wish to disable the PayPal Standard option so donors cannot pay directly with PayPal.

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