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Recording trackable links in Google Analytics automatically


Let's say you want to have some better tracking of your Soapbox Mailer campaign's trackable links in Google Analytics, and maybe have them grouped by campaign in Google Analytics. You can set up a Process Builder flow that, when triggered, updates the destination URL using the following:

([sbm__sbx_EmailLink__c].sbm__sbx_DestinationUrl__c) & IF(RIGHT(([sbm__sbx_EmailLink__c].sbm__sbx_DestinationUrl__c ), 1) ="/","","/") & "utm_source=SBMailer&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=" &([sbm__sbx_EmailLink__c].sbm__sbx_Campaign__c.Id) & "&utm_content=" & SUBSTITUTE(([sbm__sbx_EmailLink__c].sbm__sbx_Campaign__c.Name)," ","%20")

That will take something like...

...and turn it into.... _content=Campaign%20Name

Pretty nifty, right? Thanks so much to Norm Copeland of Ethos Canada for contributing this nugget of knowledge.

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