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Bugs squashed with abandon


With a few recent Soapbox releases, we've squashed three pesky bugs:

  • The Display Invitation text which appears at the bottom of the Donations confirmation message to non-logged in users was showing up a second time. This was silly. It now appears only once as it should.
  • For Braintree users who have the hosted fields option enabled for their payment processor, certain situations weren't allowing free event registrations to properly submit. This was also silly. Now free event registrations can be taken until the cows come home. Moo. Moo.
  • For Braintree users without hosted fields enabled, if a donor had their credit card type selected automatically based on the first couple of digits of the credit card they entered rather than manually choosing, say, Visa, the form didn't submit properly. This nonsense was present on Soapbox for a brief moment before being fixed. Good riddance, we say!

Happy Soapboxing!

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