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Improvements to Actions, web user registration, and Forms


With recent releases, we've sprinkled targeted improvements across a number of Soapbox apps and features, all for your Soapboxing pleasure. Here's a rundown:

Actions app

  • Allow for inclusion of the Supporter's address in the closing of their letter: For a given Action, you can set whether or not the Supporter's address is included in the closing of their letter to targets. For more on the what and why, click here.
  • Added the ability to define the Prefix for a Custom Target: Is the Custom Target you're, well, targeting a Ms.? A Mr.? a Dr.? Hon. Rev. Lt. Col.? We've got you covered. You can now define the Prefix for a Custom Target to be included in the opening of the letter to them. For more on creating Custom Targets, click here.

User Integration

  • Separated Full Name into First Name and Last Name fields for user registration: Prior to this update, the web user registration form included a single field for the name of the individual registering. If the registration process created a new Contact record in Salesforce, Soapbox would break the first and last name at the initial space in the Full Name they entered. That worked great - unless you had Billy Joe Johnson registering. Now, with the updated default form, Billy Joe can register and have his name saved properly to Salesforce. For more details, click here - and thanks to the good folks at New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care for the inspiration on this improvement.

Forms app

  • Resolved an issue editing Salesforce records with " in a text field: When the Forms app was being used in edit mode, if a text field value contained a double quotation mark, or ", the field value would get truncated right there. Lame. Very. We've resolved that. Not lame. Excellent, in fact. We have the good folks at 4Culture to thank for pointing this issue out and confirming its resolution.

Happy Soapboxing!

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