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Updates to Events, Shop, and Donations peer-to-peer functionality


Throughout November, we've been busy adding functionality to three apps in the Soapbox Engage suite. Those updates include the following:

  • Major behind-the-scenes additions to the Events app in support of our upcoming class registration add-on, including the ability to create and manage classes, create and manage semesters, and easily construct advanced search tools through clicks not code that will help visitors find exactly what they're looking for
  • Enhanced abilities to customize the headings and labels of the Event Detail view in the Events app. For more details, check out Customizing headings, labels, descriptions, tooltips and display of reservation fields.
  • Integration of our Shop e-commerce app with the iATS payment processor. iATS customers can now use our Shop, Donations, and Events apps.
  • Support for free orders in the Shop app so payment is not required if an organization has items it wishes to give away without cost
  • A fix to the peer-to-peer front-end logged-in edit view that resolves an issue that some fundraiser's experienced when customizing their fundraising page image


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